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Product Engineering

Product Engineering

As product development lifecycles shrink, it becomes more critical than ever before to get the detail design right. At PDSL UK we understand that detail engineering is the cornerstone to high quality, cost and time effective manufacturing. We are also aware of the iterative environment, which we try to overcome by concurrent engineering practices through integrated project teams to accelerate product realization. We validate the designs from design-to-manufacture (DFM), design-for-assembly (DFA) and design-for-reliability (DFR) perspectives.

Mechanical Design

We provide detail design support from concept initiation to release of production drawing within mechanical design.

  • Concept Design: feasibility study, design specification, pre-product development, volume envelope, manufacturability analysis and concept evaluation
  • Concept Selection: iterative studies to finalize the concept, high-level calculations, design constraints formulation and concept finalization through Pugh analysis
  • Preliminary design: material selection, subsystem design, top-level BoM, positioning and constraints, overall dimensional analysis and design layouts
  • Detailed design: detailed design of modules, assemblies, parts, detailed BoM, DFX techniques, geometric dimensioning and tolerances, tolerance stack-ups and design optimization.

Mechanical Analysis

PDSL’s analysis capability is backed by a team of qualified and experienced analysts. The latter have the competency in employing hand-calculations approach and in the numerical way of Finite Element analysis, thereby reaping the inherent benefits from both methods for the benefit of the customer. PDSL’s engineers can address the problem in the first-time-right manner to meet the customers’ exact needs. Its engineers are adept in using CAE tools such as MSC Patran and Nastran, Ansys Classic & Workbench, Hypermesh, MathCAD, ESDU Data sheets, etc., for meshing the models and for analysis purposes.

Modeling and Detailing

Modeling and detailing are the representation of design in CAD based 3D and 2D format used for downstream manufacturing engineering to fabricate and manufacture the product. We at PDSL offer modeling and detailing as a part of product development, design upgrades or product refurbishment. By drawing upon our established expertise in this area, we offer:

  • Parametric feature-based solid modeling for modular-based designs
  • Domain-specific modeling such as sheet metal, castings, plastics, structures, hydraulics, etc.
  • Freeform surface modeling to develop an aesthetic class A surface to industry requirements
  • Exploded views, layout drawings and full-fledged manufacturing drawings for release
  • CAD technology expertise include Catia V5, V6, Pro Engineer, Unigraphics NX & Solid Works, etc
  • Validation and verification of designs against specifications in 3D and 2D

Hydraulic Design

We leverage our domain expertise at PDSL across various industries for hydraulics application engineering. Our product knowledge enables us to identify exact usage, application and performance expectations from hydraulics systems in diverse products, ranging from hydraulic torque wrenches to airplanes. In addition, our hydraulics product experience spans across hydraulic cylinders, actuators, accumulators, valves, filters, hose fittings, pumps and fixtures. In hydraulic design, we offer:

  • Subsystem and manifold design
  • Actuator design
  • Component sizing and selection
  • Simulation
  • Routing and layout design

Reverse Engineering

We adopt a reverse-engineering process at PDSL that holistically captures product design information such as dimensions, features, material properties and performance parameters. To execute this, we combine shop-floor mechanical skills and advanced computer-aided tools. Based on the captured information, we help our clients identify the design intent of a product and deliver manufacturing drawings. Our process comprises:

  • Feature analysis: detailed study to determine the technical features and functional aspects of the equipment
  • Digitalization: a systematic process that employs advanced 3D scanning to measure complex dimensions of components
  • Material analysis: study of equipment material and metallurgical properties
  • Performance testing: inspection of functional performance parameters
  • CAD model building: creation of parametric 3D CAD models, BoM and conformance check to ensure the manufacturability of the models and drawings
  • Manufacturing drawing: creation of drawings with DFM and DFA considerations

Electrical Engineering

Wiring Harness Deign & DraftingWe offer Wiring Harness Design & Drafting services at PDSL on a variety of software platforms that meet the changing needs of an electrical engineering project through drafting wiring diagrams, layout drawings, as well as circuit board assembly and schematic diagrams. Our electrical Wiring Harness Design & Drafting services include the following:

  • Electrical schematics: Single and three-line diagrams, wiring diagrams, metering, power, control and protection schematics; design, migration and change management; reports, database and bills of materials (BOM)
  • Harnesses: Electrical wiring data; mechanical harness specs and routing; configuration and BOM data; component specifications; manufacturing drawings and reports
  • Electro-mechanical: 2D and 3D design, migration, and change management; reports, database and BOM; and CAD data creation from physical parts

Electrical & Infotainment CapabilityPDSL has evolved into the field of custom electrical infotainment testing domain since 2011. Our expert team has taken part in multi level rig testing in infotainment areas connecting Human machine interface devices like TFT Clusters, IP/ICP Screens, Rotary Control Displays, Head Up Displays & In car Entertainment. We simplify the firmware and software updates on OEM devices. We are experienced in developing bespoke CAN Analyser looped simulator to match the requirements of the test rigs for complex application logics dealing with large amounts of data and transactions. We are able to supply you with an innovative, trustworthy simulation device bespoke built to match the needs, talk to us.Automotive Technologies

  • CAN: Controller Area Network
  • MOST: Media Oriented Systems Transport
  • LIN: Local Interconnect Network
  • Ethernet
  • FlexRay
  • DoIP

Automotive Tools

  • Vehicle Spy
  • OptoLyzer
  • Wire Shark
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Bluetooth

Automotive Capabilities

  • Python scripting
  • CAPL
  • Matlab modelling/ Labview
  • Vehicle log analysis ( CAN,MOST, LIN, Ethernet, DoIP)
  • Design- CAN- MOST system
  • System Knowledge: DAB, TV, Head Unit, Navigation, Satellite Radio, Rear Seat Entertainment
  • Requirements Capturing
  • Design & Verification Plan
  • Verification & Validation

Electronics & Embedded Systems Design

System EngineeringWe cover End to end system design for embedded system development, from initial concept planning to production planning, each stage would be well planned based on the requirements of the customer in order to maintain the quality and tangible timelines.

  • UML System Design.
  • Setting up the product development platform.
  • Adoptable development platform for future products.
  • Collaborative software project management systems.
  • Complex state machine, algorithms development based on any real time signals.
  • Modular embedded software system design for rapid prototyping.
  • All kind of sensor interface and DAQ functions.

Firmware Development

  • Modular software development approach for better reusability.
  • Test driven software development to reduce the failure rate on final stage.
  • Industry’s best practices on architectural design.

Expertise List

  • Embedded RTOS’s (FreeRTOS, Nuttx)
  • ARM-Cortex, AVR, PIC, MSP430, Coldfire, PowerPC, Embeded Linex, NI Labview, GHI FEZ, Texas Instruments
  • GCC based toolchains, GDB debugger
  • Versioning systems and release management.
  • Full Embedded SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) using V-Model and TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Embedded C, C#, C++,.Net
  • Communication: I2C, UART,SPI, One wire, Ethernet

Design Validation and Testing

  • NI LabVIEW based test APIs for every stage of development.
  • Unit testing for all individual library moules.
  • Regression test based on D-Space scripts.
  • Test results database for analysing trends of the tests.
  • V – Model validation method for requirements conformity.
  • Test automation using LabVIEW.
  • Python test Scripts.
  • LabVIEW based test rig development. (PXI, cDAQ, NITeststand)

Automotive Expertise

  • CAN: Controller Area Network
  • MOST: Media Oriented Systems Transport
  • LIN: Local Interconnect Network
  • Ethernet
  • FlexRay
  • DoIP
  • Big DATA
  • IOT(Internet of things)
  • Connected technologies
  • Telematics
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Mobile apps

Advanced Manufacturing Engineering

Advanced Manufacturing EngineeringWe offer the following Engineering Services as a part of our AME capabilities.

  • Project Management
  • Virtual Commissioning
  • Advance Robotic Simulation
  • PLC integration and programming
  • Controls Solutions
  • Onsite Robot Programming
  • Engineering Design
  • Controls Design
  • Installation & Commissioning

Project ManagementWe assign a competent & certified project manager for all of our projects throughout the term. We assemble a project team comprising of dedicated experience in that particular specific domain, based on project requirement. Responsibilities includes,

  • Project planning
  • Project coordination
  • Resource management
  • Data management
  • Cost controlling
  • Quality management

Virtual CommissioningThe global digitalization trend dictates the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, including Virtual Commissioning (VC) to enhance efficiency, optimize the use of resources and time, and to improve production. VC is a process by which the design, installation, operation, maintenance and various other functions of a production plant is conducted on a virtual platform. We analyse the development of offline programming by simulating virtual layouts of complete manufacturing lines before these are engineered, commissioned and checked in realization phase.Advance Robotic SimulationOur trained engineers perform offline programming (OLP), based on the data out of the robot simulation. The real time motion algorithms are considered and a functional robot program is created with the usage of a specific software tool (RCS, Robot-Controller-Simulation). It is created considering calibration points to calibrate robots and download the robot programs from the simulation software to upload later into the real robot controller.PLC Integration and ProgrammingWe program PLCs for all established brands of process control and supervisory systems and can manage your plant automation needs along the full plant lifecycle, from design and engineering to commissioning and maintenance to future upgrades and expansions.

We employ established brands such as ABB, Allen Bradley, Beckhoff, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, Rockwell and Wonder ware as well as all standard bus systems and components such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, INTERBUS, AS-Interface, Industrial Ethernet, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Ethernet/IP and serial interfaces.

Our PLC programmers are exceedingly motivated and highly qualified. Being dyed-in-the-wool PLC professionals, we have extensive experience in all areas where PLC programming is needed.Controls SolutionsWe are qualified and certified Solution Providers and Approved Partners acknowledged by our superior expertise in automation and drive technology as well as power distribution. Using state of the art technologies, we enable you to respond quickly to constantly changing market requirements.

Our process automation portfolio mainly consists of SCADA WinCC, InTouch, RSView Control systems from Siemens, Rockwell and Beckhoff PCS7, Process Logix process control systems LabVIEWbased Test and Measurements and Data Acquisition Interfacing your application with third-party systems Interface adaptation, bus and network interfaces.Onsite Robot ProgrammingWe provide onsite robot teaching service where our skilled engineers carry out below activities,

  • Robot commissioning
  • Robot Calibration
  • Robot Teaching/programming
  • Cycle time optimization
  • Fault optimization
  • Model integration
  • Shutdown services

Engineering DesignWe are specialized from developing production tools from concept till generating manufacturing drawings.

  • Welding Jigs/Fixtures for Manual and Automatic Series Production Line
  • EOAT’s, Combo Grippers
  • Checking Fixtures
  • Laser welding fixtures
  • Load Tables
  • Sealant/Glue, Stud Welding Stations
  • Pneumatic Design

Controls DesignWe make use of the latest state of art global engineering CAD tools like EPLAN Electric P8 which support International standards such as IEC 81346, ANSI, JIC, NFPA, GB or the Russian GOST. The tool compatibility with your professional standards is guaranteed at all times.

Our designers are skilled with Engineering Centre One (EEC One) which dramatically accelerate detail engineering and shorten overall engineering time. It also helps in automating data imports in this way avoids transfer errors and increases efficiency & improves the quality of your documentation.Installation & CommissioningPDSL provides the following project and commissioning services:

  • Installation of field equipment, associated hardware and control systems as part of a project or as required.
  • Installation, inspection, on site testing, field calibration and commissioning of field instrumentation.
  • Pre-commissioning of control systems, thereby limiting the need for extensive time on site by controls engineers.
  • Field assistance during start-up.
  • Field network installation and commissioning.
  • Completion of all field documentation including ITP’s, red-lines and general commissioning documentation.
  • Assistance with general field instrument maintenance work.

Rig Building

Rig Building capabilities to be updated soon.

Optical Engineering & Validation

“Optical Engineering in Automotive” it is a rapidly growing area of research, Example: Head up display, Ambient lighting, Approach lighting, Bigger IP Screens, No lens Clusters, Intelligent high beam headlamps, etc. Optical measurement techniques can provide greater understanding and control of the behaviour of engineering systems, enabling improvements in the performance. Light adds no extra mass or stiffness to the structure and measurements can be made at many points simultaneously under service conditions. Optical Projects are generally derived from the needs of our customer collaboration, particularly in the premium car sector.We provide following services

  • Optical validation services on all Glare and reflection issues on screen / clusters and windscreen to avoid driver distraction.
  • Screen legibility checks and validate against automotive standards
  • Simulating Functional / ambient / task lights and validating the illuminance levels to automotive standards
  • Driver distraction due to unavoidable stray light from various non movable components of cockpit.
  • Veiling glare study on windscreen
  • Optical Light Distribution

Optical CAE is a niche skill set which we are holding along with our general engineering design and analysis services, this field is growing and demanding in the current premium market.

Engineering Application Software Development

Will be updated soon..

Design Studio Service

PDSL Design has expanded its capability into the studio services from early stages of the concept creation to the digitisation of the data. PDSL actively involved in prestigious projects of automotive OEMs both in commercial and premium sectors. We believe in simple approach for cracking complex problems, our engineers have expertise in styling approach start from input study to Delivery approvals.

  • Input study/ Sharp Model generation – Review/ Comments / Approval
  • Class A Surfacing/ QC With ICEM Standard Tools/ Assembly verifications –  delivery & Approval


  • Sketches to class A model
  • Scan to class A model
  • CAS to class A model
  • NURBS to class A model


  • Sketches to CAS model
  • Curves to CAS model
  • Modification in old model to new CAS Model
  • Environment data as reference for CAS model

Reverse Engineering

  • Scan to quick surfacing model
  • Modification in old model for quick review surfacing
  • Curves to quick surfacing model
  • NURBS model to quick surfacing model

Service Method

  • 1 . Offsite service : UK Midlands, Coventry Based Dedicated Solution Delivery centre
  • 2. Onsite service : Locating PDSL Employee on Client Site to deliver
  • 3. Offshore : Securing the project into a Bundle to reduce onsite delivery cost.